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Buerligons is the buerli-related end application for designers. Buerligons is used to create parametric CAD models, which in turn can be loaded and configured in configurators using the Headless API. The code of the Buerligons application is open source and can be freely obtained from Github.

git clone

After the necessary dependencies have been installed,

yarn install

the application can be started via Webpack development server.

yarn start

You can then access the application via the url that is printed in the console.

In order to use Buerligons in a meaningful way, the ClassCAD Server must already be running and the correct URL of your server must be entered in the Buerligons code.

The place where the URL must be set in the code is in the file src/initBuerli.ts directly below the imports. If the Webpack development server is already running, the change is applied directly to the running application by means of a hot reload as soon as you store the file.

The communication runs via websockets, so please use ws://.