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📝 Note: To use version 0.11.0 of, you must install @classcad/windows-x64, @classcad/linux-x64 or @classcad/linux-arm64 at version 0.0.8 to be compatible.

Minor Changes#

  • Add new API method setAppearance() to BaseModelerAPI and CommonAPI. It allows to set color, transparency and tessellation settings on entities (e.g. solids) in one single call.
  • Add new feature Twist to buerli. This allows to create twisted extrusions. New method updateTwist() has been added to the FeatureAPI
  • Change type of parameter for API method addDimensions() in Drawing2DAPI. This improves the flexibility of adding different dimensions to the model. This change breaks the API.
  • Due to the new API method setAppearance() the methods setColor() and setTransparency() in the BaseModelerAPI and CommonAPI are set as deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • Add two new methods called setDatabaseSettings() and getDatabaseSettings() to the CommonAPI. With this methods it's possible to control different settings about tessellation and graphics in general on ClassCAD server.

Patch Changes#