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wemonte customer story

Jakob Weber

Jakob Weber

CEO wemonte


The company manufactures components for electronic component testing at the end of series production. Especially in the automotive sector, due to the multitude of different connectors, several new test adaptations are required for each new product. The high degree of customization of the products produced in small series results in high development effort, high costs, and long lead times. The startup has set itself the goal of significantly reducing development effort through digitization and automation, thereby becoming fast and economically attractive.

"Our aim is to reduce the development effort from 3 weeks to 1 week. For this purpose, we require a powerful parametric CAD system that runs in the cloud and is fully integrated into our product configurator." Jakob Weber, CEO at wemonte


"We evaluated various CAD systems before choosing Most providers are high-priced, overloaded with features, and impose their own ecosystem on users," says Weber.

Wemonte desired a system that seamlessly integrates with the product configurator, can be automated and controlled 'headless,' and at the same time, offers the full capacity of a mature CAD tool. The models configured interactively by the customer are directly used as input geometry for additive manufacturing and must, therefore, be watertight and precise.


In collaboration with buerli and the developers of the product configurator, the startup has successfully developed a functional configurator for test adapters with an integrated CAD system in its first year of operation, which represents a true innovation in the market. The automated control of the parametric CAD model significantly accelerates the design and development of the test adapters. At the same time, the deployed technology provides a highly powerful tool for realistic real-time visualization of the configured products. "With buerli, you can sense the passion that is put into the project. In addition to the mature technology, it was particularly the outstanding support and fast response time that impressed us," says Weber.